Try our  Free Ewe Byte Demonstration program.

A small database of flock information is included to give you  a feel for how the product works. 

Download Ewe Byte Demo NOW

Please note that this demo does not have all the components and updates of the current version of EweByte. A free demo is available by contacting us at the address listed below.

This EweByte demo file is a zipped file ( and is 1,791 kb in size.
Create a folder on your harddrive, for example \Ewedemo . If you have Windows XP and use separate logons for other users, you must create this folder in 'C:\Shared Documents' folder, otherwise create under C:\ . Using a zip program such as Winzip, extract the files to the folder you have set up. Make sure t
hat the 'Use Folder Names' option is checked before clicking 'OK'.

IMPORTANT: When finished extracting, double click on the file 'ewebyte.exe'. If you have extracted into a folder that is not named 'c:\Ewedemo' you will encounter an error message at startup indicating 'Invalid path or file name'. Click on 'Return to Main Menu' and a menu called 'Change Directories' will pop up. Select 'Find Data'. Click on 'DATA' and Select. Repeat for 'Find reports' and then OK. Now it will run.

There are 15 sample animals and you are limited to 25, so you want to delete the 15 after browsing through some of the report

If you have any problems, please contact our support person
1-905 473-2669 (Bob Comfort)

Thanks very much and enjoy.